Board of Directors


John Capitman: Executive Director, Central Valley Health Policy Institute, CSU Fresno

Kara Zografos: Associate Professor of Public Health, CSU Fresno

Kevin Hamilton: Executive Director/CEO, Central California Asthma Collaborataive

Lisa Chaney: Health Services Coordinator, Fresno City College

Maria Elena Avila-Toledo: Health Promotion Specialist, Health Net of California

Praveen Buddiga: Allergist, Baz Allergy and Asthma Center

Susie Rico-Vasquez: Program Director, American Lung Association in California

Tim Tyner: Associate Director, Center for Clinical Research, UCSF Fresno

Venise Curry: Regional Director, Communities for a New California Education

Gail Willliams: Director of Health Services, Fresno Unified School District

Aaron Husak: Sales and Installation, Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance


 Kevin Hamilton: Board President

Lisa Chaney: Chair

John Capitman: Co-Chair

Tim Tyner: Chief Financial Officer

Susie Rico-Vasquez: Secretary