Serving the San Joaquin Valley

  1. The Asthma Impact Model (AIM) Program and AIM-X (expansion): AIM(X) is a multi-component intervention program whose purpose is to improve the lives of those suffering with asthma by reducing triggers in the home and school setting as well as ensuring access to and proper use of, asthma medications and tools while facilitating regular visits to a health care provider. AIM(X) improves the management of asthma and reduces asthma emergencies among a high-risk population in the region.

IMG_4326 photo Homeowner Rosa Aguilar, center, listens to Central California Asthma Collaborative program manager Nunu Sixay, right, in her bathroom where black mold was found in the upper wall. Tony Damore, left, a handyman, recommended removal of the sheet rock walls.

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