Where: Fresno, CA

Job Hours: 6-12 hours per week for 6 months. Scheduling and start date are flexible and are based upon the volunteer’s availability.


The Central California Asthma Collaborative, CCAC, is a non-profit entity dedicated to reducing the burden of asthma in the San Joaquin Valley.  CCAC accomplishes this by not only targeting outdoor air quality but also, focuses on indoor air quality and its impact on health.

The Asthma Impact Model (AIM) is a multi-component home intervention program aimed at reducing asthma triggers in the home and school setting. Additionally, this program focuses on insuring access to and proper use of asthma medications, and facilitating regular visits to a child’s health care provider.

Under supervision, the volunteer will work with CCAC staff to implement the AIM program by conducting home environmental assessments, lite asthma education, and various follow up activities.

  • Work in pairs to provide Home Environmental Assessments and asthma education to a child and caregiver in the home setting.
  • Track and schedule home-visit appointments with families.
  • Maintain confidential records containing personal client information.
  • Facilitate an open line of communication between the home, school, provider and caregiver in regard to the child’s environment and self-management practices.


  • Pursuing a Bachelors or Graduate Degree in health-related field.
  • Prefer GPA of 3.0 or higher, but will consider circumstances
  • Excellent oral, written, and communication/presentation skills

How to apply:

To apply to this volunteer internship opportunity please e-mail the following information to Nunu Sixay, AIM Program Coordinator, at

Cover letter including dates, hours, and duration available for internship.


If applicable, letter from school or program verifying the need for volunteer hours.