Giving Tuesday

 Support our AIM Program!

CCAC is a local non-profit dedicated to reducing the burden of asthma and related health disparities in our region. CCAC’s “Asthma Home Visitor Program” AIM4Asthma serves primarily low-income and minority families whose children have the highest frequency of asthma-related Emergency Department visits and hospitalizations. CCAC’s program results in fewer asthma emergencies and helps parents and kids avoid missing work and school because of asthma-related illness. We are dedicated to providing education and direct services, building regional capacity, and advocating for sensible policies that improve health through the prevention and management of chronic disease. California Breathing (a project of the California Department of Public Health) states 1 in 5 Valley children have been diagnosed with asthma and there are over 350,000 asthmatic children and adults across our Valley.

With one in five children suffering from asthma in the Central Valley, it is our hopes that you will join our efforts in continuing our mission in helping those affected by asthma and other health disparities.

If you or someone you know has questions about asthma, call us at 559.272.4874 to chat with an asthma expert or find us online at


$35 to provide asthma-friendly cleaning products. $50 to provide asthma spacers, doormats, hypoallergenic bedding, etc. $100 to provide carpet cleaning/hepa filter vacuum