Giving Tuesday

 Support our Asthma Action Committees!
Families facing the burden of asthma are joining together to support each other and policies to improve our environment, air quality, and health impacts. Your generosity has helped so many families who suffer from asthma this year. Ultimately, individuals like you help families gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to control their asthma.

This year Central California Asthma Collaborative (CCAC) launched our Asthma Action Committees giving asthmatic families the power to get involved and make real change happen in the communities in which they live. CCAC has successfully served over 200 families impacted by asthma. Over 250 community residents have joined our efforts to raise awareness about this chronic disease.

The Holiday Season is a time for gratitude, we are very grateful for your support.  One in five children continues to suffer with asthma in the Central Valley.  If you or someone you know has questions about asthma, call us at 559.272.4874 to chat with an asthma expert or find us online at

Please give to our 2017 Holiday Fund Drive on Giving Tuesday!

You and your family will be recognized on our social media page.  


$35 to provide asthma friendly cleaning products $50 to provide spacer, doormats, hypo allogenic bedding $100 to provide carpet cleaning/hepa filter vacuum