Meet the Team

CCAC Staff

In her role as Marketing and Communication Specialist, Alex helps bring to life the vision of the organization through graphic design, social media content creation and…. 

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Alex Majarian

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Alex McCormick

Software Engineer

In her role as an EV Equity Specialist, Alix provides electrification education and assistance to San Joaquin Valley residents. 

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Alix Emory

EV Equity Specialist

Alma Bravo

Community Health Worker (Kern County)

In her role as Environmental Health Research Manager, Anabelle coordinates participation of Valley families in investigative research projects enabled by…. 

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Anabelle Garza

Research Manager

Cresencio is a Community Health Worker that enjoys providing asthma education to CCAC CARES participants in Kern County. In his role, Cresencio goes to…. 

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Cresencio Sandoval

Community Health Worker (Kern County)

Elizabeth is the Associate Director of Quality Assurance, managing CCAC’s Quality Assurance Program. She joined the CCAC team in January 2023. In her past work…. 

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Elizabeth Mendoza

Associate Director for Quality Assurance

Fatima is a Community Health Worker, providing asthma education to CCAC CARES participants in Kern County. She understands the hardships that come with being…. 

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Fatima Lopez

Community Health Worker (Kern County)

In her role as CARES Director, Graciela oversees the implementation of the program across seven San Joaquin Valley Counties…. 

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Graciela Deniz-Anaya, MPH, CHES

CARES Director


Gustavo Aguirre Jr.

Climate and Environmental Justice Associate Director

Janelle Spanel

CARES Program Assistant (Kern County)

Janet graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Community and School Health Education. She is passionate about health education and reducing health disparities in her community. Growing up in Kern county, she participated in various programs offered to low-income and migrant families….

Janet Herrera

Kern Coordinator

Jeanette Rivera

Community Health Worker (Fresno County)

Jessica Tafolla

Community Health Worker (Tulare County)

Jesus Rivera

Research Coordinator

Juan Cardenas

Administrative Manager

Kevin is focused on reducing the burden of chronic respiratory disease and environmental health impacts valley wide. He has served as developer, coordinator, administrator and director for multiple programs in both hospital and community-based settings serving poor and underserved communities in the San Joaquin Valley….

Kevin D. Hamilton, RRT

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director

As a Climate and Environmental Justice Associate, Kimberly joins CCAC’s mission to create a healthier San Joaquin Valley. As a former Owner/Operator of….

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Kimberly McCoy

Climate and Environmental Justice Associate

Lacie was born and raised in the Central Valley. She is a graduate of CSU Dominguez Hills, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Accounting. She joined CCAC to enhance the accounting department and provide support on the financial aspects of the organization. Prior to joining the team, Lacie was an auditor and….

Lacie White

Accounting Manager

Mara Baker

Research Coordinator

Maria graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Communication from CSU Fresno. As a graduate of the College of Arts and Humanities Honors Program, Maria gained research experience with the help of faculty in the College of Arts and Humanities at CSU Fresno. As a proud daughter of hardworking migrant parents, Maria has experienced….

Maria Ruiz

EV Equity Program Supervisor

Marianne Felix

CARES Program Assistant (Kern County)

Martha was raised in Kern County and born to a farmworker family. Prior to joining CCAC, Martha had extensive experience working with non profit organizations. Now as a Community Health Worker, Martha gets to exercise her passion in helping others….

Martha Martinez

CARES Manager (Kern County)

Mary Nambo

EV Equity Specialist

Melissa graduated from College of the Sequoias and transferred to California State University, Fresno where she graduated in the Spring of 2022 with a Bachelor in Sociology and a minor in Chicano Studies….

Melissa Rodriguez

Research Coordinator

Pang Thao

EV Equity Specialist

Raspreet Raj

CARES Program Assistant (Fresno County)

Sally was born and raised in Fresno County. She completed her B.A. degree in Management and Organizational Development at Fresno Pacific University. She is the daughter of farm working parents and understands the impact the air quality has on farmworkers and their families. Sally served as a board member on the….

Sally Martin-Winter

Community Health Worker (Fresno County)

Sammie Meneses

Climate and Environmental Justice Associate

Sandi has had a lifelong passion for helping others – particularly children, young adults and their families. Sandi’s professional background includes many years of working for various local non-profit groups….

Sandi Schurr

Human Resources Manager

Tim co-founded CCAC in 2011 and served as CEO from 2011-2013. He also served as Board Chairman from 2011-2016 and 2021-present. Tim formally joined the CCAC staff in 2018 as Co-Executive Director and has secured more than two dozen grants totaling more than $6M….

Tim Tyner

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director

Veronica was raised in the heart of California, the Central Valley. She has a B.S in Environmental Science, from the University of California, Merced and had the opportunity to study at the University of Auckland. Through her work and volunteerism, she has served communities locally with social justice, equity, and love being at the root of it all….

Veronica Ramirez

CARES Manager (Fresno County)

Yanni Gonzalez is the Marketing and Communications Manager at CCAC. Yanni began working with CCAC in 2016, enrolling South Valley schools into the Healthy Air Living Schools Program where he exceeded enrollment goals, and has since become an integral part of the organization’s success. He currently oversees internal and external communications and marketing for CCAC. Yanni has been involved in the….

Yanni Gonzalez

Marketing and Communications Manager

Yecica attended Sacramento State University were she received her bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Chicanx studies and a minor in Spanish. During her time in Sacramento, Yecica worked with many First-Generation college students and high school seniors providing them with community and….

Yecica Escobar

CARES Program Assistant (Fresno County)