Our Mission
CCAC aims to provide education and direct services, build regional capacity and advocate for sensible policies that improve health and address inequities by reducing environmental impacts and emphasizing the prevention and management of chronic disease.
The Effects of Cooking on a Gas Stove on Children with Asthma Study (CEVICA)

CCAC is currently looking for participants for a study that will replace your existing gas stove with a new, electric induction range (oven & stovetop) and measure the change in indoor air pollution associated with cooking on a gas stove. To see if you qualify, visit ccaccares.org/cevica/

What We Do

Comprehensive Asthma Remediation and Education Services (CARES)

CARES is a free program available to Medi-Cal patients in the San Joaquin Valley. CARES reduces indoor environmental asthma triggers and assists patients in better utilizing asthma medications to manage their condition.

SJVAir Network

The SJVAir Network provides real-time air quality text message alerts to Valley residents based on a network of 400 air monitors across the San Joaquin Valley. Residents can sign up to receive alerts from monitors located near their home, school and work.

EV Equity Program

The EV Equity Program provides assistance to Valley residents interested in driving an electric vehicle but can’t afford the cost. Program staff help residents apply for available state and regional incentives providing up to $10,000 in down payment assistance, plus $3,000 in post-purchase rebates.

Environmental Health Research

The Environmental Health Research Program is a collaboration with leading universities, including UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, UC Merced, UC Irvine, UCLA, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, to study the health effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution on children living in equity communities of the San Joaquin Valley.

Central California Asthma Collaborative

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