About us

CARES is a multi-component intervention strategy to improve the lives of Valley residents suffering from asthma by reducing triggers in the home and ensuring access to and proper use of asthma medications. CARES also supports patients by facilitating and reinforcing regular visits to a health care provider. CARES has been demonstrated to improve the management of asthma and reduce asthma emergencies among a high-risk Medi-Cal population in the region. CARES currently partners with five managed care plans covering seven counties of the San Joaquin Valley to identify at-risk patients and provide in-home Asthma Remediation services.

CARES is currently available in the following counties:

San Joaquin County

Stanislaus County

Madera County

Fresno County

Kings County

Tulare County

Kern County

Making a Difference

“[The CARES] program has helped me a lot in understanding asthma triggers. I’m washing all bedding once a week as recommended and I damp dust and clean my house on a regular basis.”


Modesto R.

Mother of CARES patient

“I’m really grateful to be part of this [CARES] program because now I know what needs to be done to help my children live a normal life.”


Juanita S.

Mother of two asthmatic children

“After the home assessment, it has been about a year since my son has had any symptoms.”


Janet M.

Mother of CARES patient