The mission of WattEV is to speed up the transition of US trucking transport into zero-emission faster than anyone could expect. To make a positive in the health of our air, our planet and our people.


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How it Works

WattEV will use a combination of business and technology innovation to create infrastructure and data-driven workflow that provides truckers and fleet operators the lowest total cost of ownership.

Charging Infrastructure 

Building a nationwide network of charging infrastructure at strategic locations complementary to TaaS

Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS)

A new Truck-as-a-Service business model that makes electric class 8 trucks accessible, affordable, and reliable for all carriers and owner-operators

Driver Experience

Our driver-centered seamless mobile app gets you moving freight using electric trucks without the hassle


Following the installation of the building, the next advancement of the site is the completion of its Solar Farm. A field of Solar Panels can be seen from the views of James Road and Hwy 65. 

The solar farm will help with supplying enough energy to power the 31 chargers and its backup storage batteries, aiding in providing 24 hour service on the site. Project completion is scheduled for late 2023.

Meeting Highlights

WattEV  held a Public Meeting highlighting the progress of Kern County’s first All-Electric Truck Stop. The event took place July 6th, 2023 and saw a variety of local residents including community based organizations, folks in the trucking industry, and local government officials. 

The site had a newly installed building and groundwork ready for solar panel microgrid installation. Salim Youssefzadeh, WattEV’s CEO, enthusiastically answered questions covering all aspects of the project and its progress. Once in operation, the Electric Truck Stop will feature 31 charging stations, the site will connect to WattEV’s Port of Long Beach site, and it will offer an all-inclusive trucking as a service business model designed to reduce carriers’ financial risk by setting a monthly rate for providing and refueling delivery trucks. WattEV along with its stakeholders are looking forward to the Grand Opening predicted to happen late 2023.

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